Designing Landscapes En Plein Air (Coming Soon!)
to Oct 15

Designing Landscapes En Plein Air (Coming Soon!)

Want to be able to learn plein air painting from anywhere in the world? I am teaming up with CGMA (Computer Graphics Master Academy) to teach the first online traditional plein air painting course. That’s right- almost every class will be recorded on location so that you can see how I tackle the subject matter onsite, and all classes will be taught in traditional medium of gouache.  In this eight week course, I will be nailing down the fundamentals of value, composition, and color mixing both through master studies and plein air so that you can truly hone your observational skills as a designer and concept artist. 

If interested, put your name on the waitlist for here.

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Painting in Color and Light with Gouache (Newman, Georgia)
to Jul 13

Painting in Color and Light with Gouache (Newman, Georgia)

  • The Studio School at Three Hearts Farm (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

In this two day workshop, Californian based gouache plein air artist Tiffanie Mang will guide you through the basics of the wonderful medium and teach students how to create a beautiful landscape painting from the bottom up.   Starting with the important fundamentals of value and composition, students will hone those skills by painting small master studies from world class painters before diving into painting from their own photo references.  Tiffanie will be demoing both days and will guide students every step of the way from value to color mixing so that students will  leave the classroom feeling more confident about gouache and loving the medium even more!

Tuition includes a catered lunch each day.

On site housing for 2-4 artists willing to share an apartment is also available at an additional fee. You can see and reserve by searching Cottage at Three hearts on Air B n B.

Price for two day workshop: $350.00 | Sign up here.

Location of Workshop:

The Studio School at Three Hearts Farm
4328 Roscoe Rd
Newnan, Georgia 30263
United States

Have questions?: Email

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 Observing Past the Photo into Abstract and Impression
to May 25

Observing Past the Photo into Abstract and Impression

  • Artist and Craftman Supply (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

Two day workshop: SAT May 18th & SAT May 25th

Nowadays with the power of the camera, the lens tend to do a lot of the work for us and we forget to see, observe, and breathe in color with our eyes.

In this two day workshop split into two weeks, students will learn how to design landscapes from their own photos, but Tiffanie will teach you to not to copy what you see, but to take inspiration from the image to redesign your own compositions and color relationships in your paintings.  The fundamental principles of painting -composition, drawing, value, color, and edges- will be stressed throughout both weeks. Demos and short lectures will reinforce these concepts, and one- on- one attention will be priority.  In each week, students will start off by doing a couple of training exercises to practice value, composition and color, and then create a 5”x7” or 6”x8” painting of an image they chose themselves. 

Early bird deal- Sign up by April 30th:

-$82 for one day (either 5/18 or 5/25) // $158 for two days 

Normal Rate after April 30th: 

-$90 for one day (either 5/18 or 5/25) // $175 for two days

Reserve your spot by emailing Please indicate whether you would like to sign up for one or two days.

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Shapescapes En Plein Air (Laguna)
10:00 AM10:00

Shapescapes En Plein Air (Laguna)


Tiffanie Mang is teaming up with Ground Zero Animation Expo to bring you this workshop! Join Tiffanie in this one day plein air gouache workshop in Laguna, where students will focus on capturing the stunning beachscapes around them in small 5”x7” studies to practice brush economy, shape language, and simplification before detail.  We will practice doing small value studies first, and then dive into doing color studies. The goal of this workshop is to allow students to familiarize with the medium from the bottom up and solidify their skills in value and composition, so that they can create beautiful paintings with any color palette!

Sign up here.

If you sign up for the workshop, you will receive a free copy of Tiffanie's gouache sketch book, book Ab Intus, a 64 page book with 28 of her gouache paintings from Poland and CA.

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Gouache Painting (6 weeks)
to Mar 6

Gouache Painting (6 weeks)

When : Jan 30th- March 6th 2019

Where: Art on 30th

$199 for 6 weeks

This class will be specifically geared towards using the wonderful medium of gouache to create landscapes. Gouache is basically opaque watercolor where you can make water it down to paint like watercolor or paint thick like oil or acrylic. Students will start off by painting small master studies of master landscape artists, where the focus will be on practicing value and composition. From doing master studies, students will practice doing small color studies playing with different color palettes and color combinations. 

Register Here.

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